The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 6: Monsterclass Summer School

Netsukulele Kaiju

Doc Moreau is to lead another intrepid party of gullible narcissists to Monster Island for Monsterclass Summer School. Sign up here!


Have you always felt Tokyo should be destroyed using your radioactive fiery breath, but were unsure how? Sign up now for Monsterclass!


Learn car-stomping with our expert tutors. Also how to bite tube trains on overground routes. Study with the best monsters we can capture!


Disclaimer: Monsterclass Summer School traditionally has a high casualty rate and students may sometimes not be large enough to destroy Tokyo.


Doc Moreau has an excellent record in snaring monsters and compelling them to be ‘tutors’, but there are no refunds for limb loss or no-shows.


Master your own deafening n terrifying screech with Doc Moreau’s Trusty Throat Implants, guaranteed three months rust-free in tropical conditions!


At the end of Monsterclass Summer School, we promise you our rental helicopter will spend at least an hour circling and looking for survivors.


If, when Monsterclass Summer School is over, you find supernumerary limbs attached to your torso, we will remove them for a small fee.


Hurry to the slimy basalt pier, carved with hideous glyphs, where Barnacle Bill Backward’s motor launch awaits to take you to Monster Island!


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