Put the eggs in the back seat, Horst, and make sure they’re safely strapped in, said Dr Waldorf.


No need to worry yourself, Dr Gressfeld assured her. Your marriage is just going through a rocky period. The dogs are in the post.


It is perfectly normal to bray when urinating, Dr Hauptmann assured her. Nothing to worry about. And the thumb will grow back.


As Dr Spiegel left his surgery he was struck by terrible remorse. He bought a bagel and examined it with disgust. Bagels disappointed him.


Dr Klumm loved looking at leaves swept along by the wind. He was really a poet, the dentist of sturm und drang.


Dr Schnell had a secret he would not divulge. He kept pushing his food around his plate and would never mention cutlery


Wherever Dr Kummel looked there were bacteria laughing at him.


It was nothing more than a syringe but Dr Fliess had had enough. He called the cats in.


Open your mouth, said Dr Agger. No, not that one.


Meanwhile, Dr Koch wondered what to do with his free Thursday afternoons now that both mice had perished.


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