There was something to be said for the feudal system, reminisced Baron Engelhardt, poking the corpse of the gardener.


The trouble with Prussians, sighed Count Von Wittensdorf, is that they have no sense of humour. It’s like talking to a golf-ball.


Are these your children? asked the Baron, wiping the mud off the skulls.


See this skull? said Count von Meissen reaching for his biro. It is my late uncle Wieland, Let me sign it for you.


One does not swim: one floats and moves forward through acts of grace, remarked saintly Count Brock.


I always keep the noses, said the Baron. One can never have too many.


The trousers of the late Count are on show in the gallery, said Dr Grohl. Will you take an aperitif first?


The Archduke was a wag, guffawed Mayor Witter. Some days he’d appear at breakfast dressed as a gherkin and we wouldn’t know where to look.


You must never scare children with stories of massacre and butchery, said Graf Blütz. Leave that to me.


When Frau Melzer opened the box she discovered the whalebone corset bequeathed her by the late Countess. It was still glowing.



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