The Crustacean Symphony Orchestra

The Crab Quartet

Each morning the crabs crawled over the exterior of the concert hall waving tiny musical instruments laboriously constructed from salvage.


The Fire Brigade would be called to blast them off with salt water cannons, whereupon they would set out for the Opera House, bearing a dugong.


When one morning they arrived with a brass section of seahorses, it was finally understood they thought of themselves as a symphony orchestra.


The doors were flung open, and the Crustacean Symphony Orchestra hid under every seat in the concert hall. A king crab showed up to conduct.


The king crab conductor waved a pipefish, and crab eyes on stalks popped up to follow its every move from between the legs of the audience.


The symphony was a dry affair, all creakings and scrapings – and such wheezings! as of a ship at sea, but not one afloat on an ocean of water.


The king crab was interviewed by ouija board, and explained the composer was a gifted young cicada, who communicated with them telepathically.


The king crab thought the cicada lived on a world which only had seas of dust, and the ships on those seas were built of fossil wood and bone.


At first, none of the crabs had wanted to play its music, but the cicada’s thoughtwaves were very powerful, and its melodies very beautiful.


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