The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 2: Doc Moreau and the Necrodermicon

(Doc Moreau and I are indebted to Tony Williams for his discovery of the Necrodermicon.)
Polly Morpheus

In the Dept of Anthropodermic Bibliopegy at Chimeric U, the textbooks are bound with the skins of students who get under 60% in their exams.


As a keen amateur Pseudo-anthropodermic Bibliopegist, Doc Moreau binds all his case notes in the skins of our failed experiments.


Doc Moreau is often found sitting on the balcony in the dark, listening to hideous shrieks from the jungle & stroking a favourite binding…


‘Listen to the hybrids of the night: what chimeric music they make! Shoot them if they approach the compound.’


Many’s the time Doc Moreau & I have sat up talking long into the night, rifles at the ready, wondering where we went wrong with our knives…


Occasionally an especially volatile creature will self-combust in the darkness, lighting up the bureaucratic bats as they fiddle our budget.


If, in the morning, a fresh bunch of graduate students should arrive, Doc Moreau will surreptitiously check for interesting skin blemishes.


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