Only Quests Matter



[1] Forge onwards smithy (said
the script girl, cautiously)

Action! [2] Fight wars, continually [super FX
smoke blooms brightly]

any angry policeman [3] Fail laws, legally [tether us
all to this box, sir]

scroll channels (rpt) [4] Horse Trials, Galilea.
See the high beams fall

caution: wars [5] Where’s Tails Lilly? [sud s hope

fingers] Refined the craft of the

Break – a violent scene [6] cut.
Swords slit nails, really

[Let the lights burn a brighter magnum-
esium] Pan left deck:

Rioters “Action!” [7] Seven words lit sails,
Raleigh? And they are: ‘burnburnburnbur

…..nburnburnburn’ [8] Ace Sven cords Little Arms Leary
[9] Mind the hearse, a sister is weary [duty of the dead to wait patiently]

Sundown [10] tented Eden calls spittle alarms
: eerie [—down]



[1] Doth Eden forge trails to Galilea?

[2] Who says seven nails, perpetually?

[3] Are alarms onward wars?

[4] Legally, Lilly slit Sven: who did it?

[5] Is it really Raleigh who calls to fight?

[6] Does Smithy sword horse tails at night?

[7] Does Leary spit weary sores continually?

[8] The mind hears, will my mystery call?

[9] Laws fail: Do tents become sails to nburnburnburn?

[10] May smoke anger the rioters?

A version of this text appeared in  ANGEL EXHAUST 15:
Bizzare Crimes of The Future / Winter 1997 / ISSN 0143-8050


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