slippers, but this is not a pipe

Samuel was a thin man with fat eyes. Each night he shredded his clothes and laid his next day’s attire on the floor like an about-to-be-stuffed scarecrow. His nighttime wear was nothing unusual; stripped pyjamas, silk dressing gown and a pair of leather carpet slippers. Before getting into bed he would remove his gown and hang it on the back of the door. Then having pulled back his eiderdown, he would sit on the edge of his mattress and remove his nocturnal footwear. Lying flat on his back he would recite the names of cheeses out loud until he fell into a blissful sleep.

Samuel’s alarm clock bleeped. He threw back his covers and stepped into his slippers. He was not prepared for what happened next. As his feet tried to locate his slippers, he found instead that they were dangling midair. Bringing himself upright to see why this was he lost his balance and fell out of bed. But instead of hitting the floor with an almighty crash, he kept falling.

After what seemed an awfully long time but was in fact only five seconds, he landed on something soft. It was at this point that he realised what had happened. He had fallen inside his slipper again.

Fortunately Samuel was a forward planning thinker and after the last time this had happened, he had installed an alarm button. All he had to do was find it, press the switch that glowed with the word ‘Help’ and sit tight until the emergency services came to his rescue.




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