Pope Hulk


Pope Hulk smash Seven Deadly Sins! Now there seventy-many sins and everyone deaded. Pope Hulk sad.


Pope Hulk not remember Seven Last Words. Red cardinal birds tell him seventy-many times. About eels n llamas. Pope Hulk confused!


Pope Hulk meet Seven Samurai in Vaticanned Tuna Sushi Palace. Nice guys, but most dead. What with that? Pope Hulk soulful.


Pope Hulk make ‘rap record’! It called Rapapapaphobia. It sell seventy-many copies. Agent rip Pope Hulk off. Pope Hulk angry!


Pope Hulk wake up Seven Sleepers in Sistine Cave with pope wind. They sleeping seventy-many years & v pissed off. Pope Hulk sozzo.


Pope Hulk make seven saints: Saint Smash, Saint Jump, Saint Green, Saint Fist, Saint Crunch, Saint Shirt, and Saint Tired. PopeHulk happy!


Pope Hulk work seven day week poping. Day after that called BillBixbyDay. Pope Hulk eat holy biscuits. Pope Hulk hungry…


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